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“Malala ” quote Nobel peace Prize Speech ” “Today in half the world we see rapid development and progress , However there are many countries were millions still suffer from the very old problems of war, poverty and injustice.”  Whatever your going through is not as worse as death poverty war or injustice . If it is ; change it . Change your circumstance , change your thoughts about your situation.

My question to you is what’s holding you back ? from making that change   ? check out this link —->  You are first for encouragement and maybe a path to new thinking 🙂 happy trails



Thank you  for stopping by, I encourage you to visit this website that is safe , encouraging and helpful. My philosophy as a young female is that happiness depends solely on you and not a man . I was raised in an environment where my eyes were a vital tool in learning. My mom depended on my dad for everything her happiness , her value and even financially. In this case her actions spoke louder then words and she showed us that it was okay. Well I’m here to tell you that its not , and to encourage you not to accept that as your reality . I encourage you to a journey learning about yourself and taking the next step on educating yourself , life is to short to be miserable and wait for someone else to make you happy.women-entrepreneurs